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Algorithmic Algebra and Logic 2005
Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Volker Weispfenning

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Next to the three invited talks there are 46 contributions:
  1. CAD via Numerical Computation with Validated Symbolic Reconstruction by H. Anai, K. Yokoyama
  2. Prime Polynomials by M. Ayad
  3. Practical Simplification of Elementary Functions Using CAD by J. C. Beaumont, N. Phisanbut, R. Bradford
  4. Factorization of Some Second Order Differential Equations by L. M. Berkovich, E. F. L. Berkovitch
  5. From Projective Morphisms to Blowups by G. Bodnar
  6. Quantifier Elimination and Ellipticity of PDEs by C. W. Brown, S. de Vlaming, G. Nakos
  7. Algorithmic Methods for Investigating Equilibria by C. W. Brown, M. El Kahoui, D. Novotni, A. Weber
  8. Approximate Rings and Gröbner Bases by P. Conti, C. Traverso
  9. Fast Computation of Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients by J. De Loera, T. McAllister
  10. Galois Theory, Splitting Fields, and Computer Algebra by G. Diaz-Toca
  11. On a Conjecture About Univariate Polynomials and Their Roots by G. Diaz-Toca, L. Gonzalez-Vega
  12. Classifying Mathematical Web Content by D. Draheim, W. Neun, D. Suliman
  13. Computing the Intersection of Two Ruled Surfaces by M. Fioravanti, L. Gonzalez-Vega, I. Necula
  14. Experimental Analysis of Involutive Criteria by V. P. Gerdt, D. A. Yanovich
  15. Minkowski's Conjecture and Quantifier Elimination by N. Glazunov
  16. Visualization of SAGBI Bases for Parameterized Linear Subalgebras by M. Göbel
  17. Quantifier Elimination in Automatic Loop Parallelization by A. Größlinger, M. Griebl, C. Lengauer
  18. Computation of Unirational Fields by J. Gutierrez, D. Sevilla
  19. The Art of Formula by D. J. Jeffrey
  20. A Systems Perspective on A3L by H. Kredel
  21. Canonical Hardware Representation Using Gröbner Bases by W. Küchlin
  22. A Topological Criterion for Polynomiality by G. Landsmann, P. Mayr, J. Schicho
  23. Improving the DISPGB Algorithm Using the Discriminant Ideal by M. Manubens, A. Montes
  24. Rambling on Weispfenning, Montes, Gianni, and Kronecker by M. G. Marinari, T. Mora
  25. A Computation Method for ACGB-V by K. Nabeshima
  26. Thirty Years of Lisp Support for REDUCE by A. C. Norman
  27. Approximately Parameterizing Algebraic Curves and Surfaces by S. Perez-Dyaz, J. Sendra, J. R. Sendra
  28. Gröbner Bases in Skew Polynomial Rings by M. Pesch
  29. The Symmetric Subset-Sum Problem over the Complex Numbers by M. Prunescu
  30. Discrete Rotation Maps and Generalized Continued Fractions by L. Pustylnikov, T. Lokot, R. Pustylnikov
  31. Solving Undecidable Problems by S. Ratschan
  32. Gröbner Bases in Function Rings by B. Reinert
  33. Stability of Gröbner Bases and ACGB by Y. Sato
  34. Characteristics of Involutive Divisions by A. Semenov
  35. Quantifier Elimination and Information Flow Control for Software Security by G. Snelting
  36. Solving Equations and Inequalities in Mathematica by A. W. Strzebonski
  37. Full Comprehensive Gröbner Bases by A. Suzuki
  38. On the Degeneracy Conditions of Singularities by Using CGBs by T. Takahashi, K. Nagasaka
  39. Gröbner Bases in Elimination Theory by P. Ullrich
  40. A Note on Definable Operators on Structures by H. Volger
  41. Projection Property of Regular Systems by D. Wang
  42. SyNRAC: A Maple Toolbox for Solving Real Algebraic Constraints by H. Yanami, H. Anai
  43. Real Solution Classification for Parametric Semi-Algebraic Systems by L. Yang, B. Xia
  44. High Noon by D. D. Zaster
  45. Differential Elimination Methods and Hilbert's Nullstellensatz in PDEs by H. Zhang
  46. Some Results on Differential Gröbner Bases by A. Zobnin