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Algorithmic Algebra and Logic 2005
Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Volker Weispfenning

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Invited Talks

Geometric Radicals of Polynomial Ideals

by Eberhard Becker
The talk is concerned with various notions of radicals of a polynomial ideals, e.g. the usual radical as in commutative algebra or the real radical in case the ground field is real itself. In great generality, this is a topic addressed by V. Weispfenning in an earlier paper. After discussing the concept of a "radical operation" we will concentrate on binomial ideals where several detailed results can be obtained even for more general types of radicals fitting in the concept of radical operations.

Volker Weispfenning: Scientist, Teacher, Mentor

by Thomas Becker
This talk is an attempt by a former student and apprentice to pay homage to Volker Weispfenning's work as a mathematical researcher, teacher, and mentor. The author describes his perception of Volker Weispfenning's mathematical achievements, and he gives a personal account of the way in which Volker Weispfenning's teaching and mentoring has impacted his life and career.

REDUCE: The First Forty Years

by Anthony Hearn
Volker Weispfenning and his group in Passau have had a long interest in computer algebra. In this talk, REDUCE, one of the algebra programs they use, will be discussed. The development of this program began over forty years ago. We shall discuss the design decisions that have influenced its long-term survival, and the way in which the program has evolved with time.