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Travel Information

From Frankfurt Airport (FRA) to Passau

Note that there is another airport Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN), which is different from the major Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport (FRA). Hahn is located rather remotely. Find more information here.

Find the homepage of Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport here.

By Car
If you are planning to rent a car, then take a connection flight to Munich, and see below.
By Train
Do not connect to Munich. It is more convenient to go to Passau directly by train. The train station is inside the airport.

Buy the train ticket at the station before entering the train.

Fankfurt Airport (Platform 4) Passau
DepartureTrain No. Arrival
05:37IC 202110:38
08:02EC 2512:34
10:01IC 2429/32914:35 change to ICE 91 in Nürnberg
12:01ICE 2916:35
14:01EC 2318:34
16:01ICE 202720:40
18:01IC 212122:38only Mon-Sat (and not on Mar 28)

From Munich Airport to Passau

Find the homepage of the airport here.
By Car
Do not go to Munich! This is the opposite direction.

At the airport follow the blue higway signs A92 to Deggendorf.

Enter A92 to Deggendorf. There will be signs to Passau.

Near Deggendorf you will have to change the highway. There will be signs.

Leave the highway at the exit "Passau Mitte". Turn left to Passau.

By Train
Do not go to Munich! This is the opposite direction.

Take bus Number 635 from the Terminal to the railway station Freising.
Buy the bus ticket from the driver on the bus.

Change to the train with destination Passau.
Buy the train ticket at the station in Freising before entering the train.

Bus No. 635      Railway Platform 4          
Munich Airport Freising Freising Passau
Terminal 2Terminal 1Arrival DepartureTrain No. Arrival
07:0107:0707:25 07:49RE 26058 09:37
09:0109:0709:25 09:49RE 26060 11:36
11:0111:0711:25 11:49RE 26062 13:36
13:0113:0713:25 13:48RE 26064 15:36
15:0115:0715:25 15:49RE 26066 17:36
15:4115:4716:05 16:32RE 26720 18:44 not on Sun
17:0117:0717:25 17:49RE 26070 19:36
17:4117:4718:05 18:32RE 26072 20:28 not on Sun
19:0119:0719:25 19:49RE 26074 21:37
21:0121:0721:25 21:49RE 26076 23:41

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